Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beyonce is working on a new album

Told y'all this chick was planning album content while she was breastfeeding and changing diapers. Baby Blue's mom is said to be already setting up to work on a new album. And yes, B.I.C. will likely be her muse. Producer/Songwriter Ryan Tedder, who just copped an award at last night's GRAMMYS for contributing to Adele's Album of the Year, 21, revealed some generalities.

He said it goes “without saying” that Bey’s work will have some reflection on her newborn child Blue Ivy, but that “the conversations about her next album literally just happened.”

“You feed her the best that you have. She’s just a phenomenal filter… she can identify what the next thing is,” Tedder said of the “Party” girl, noting that she has “two projects happening” this year. “You just let her go.”


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