Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Björk announces "Biophilia" delay

title or description
"i would like to explain why my album is coming out later than was first intended...

after humongous and fun adventurous work with the app builders we handed in
the music for the app box last may i felt sonically it fitted that
underworld of apps and virtual reality like a glove , kinda acoustic and
clean with a slick dark sub but somehow the cd needed more blood and
muscles , oxygen and stuff
i felt the album had different kinda
growth potential than the app box and it is important to follow those
hunches even though they are slippery and you don't know sometimes where
they are taking you
i played biophilia for few weeks in
manchester and some of the songs grew while playing them live and i
decided to add some of this into the album , i ended up even using a
live recording of one of the songs on the album . take my hunch the
whole distance but in order to do that i had to put the album back a bit
friend , the incredibly talented music maker leila arab came to iceland
with no notice and added some sonic sculpting , especially to the
bottom end and the great talented mastering engineer mandy parnell came
over as well and helped me give the whole thing more warmth and flesh
i am really happy i did this , seems like biophilia the album has a body
leila also introduced me to "current value" who now has put a new beat into one of the songs
hope you like it
warmth , björk"


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