Sunday, February 5, 2012

MADONNA WORLD TOUR: Are you ready?

Live Nation will issue their Press Release and announce Madonna's brand new Tour tomorrow, February 7, 2012.

You may have noticed a few random updates on various official ticketing websites today, and the most interesting thing is certainly the new Madonna image that is currently used on the American Ticketmaster website and that you can see below.

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You may have noticed the Madonna writing on the picture and the lack of a specific tour logo. The reason is easily explained. Madonna's new tour won't have a specific name and will be labelled instead simply as Madonna World Tour. Iconic, isn't it?

In tomorrow's announcement Live Nation will unveil the itinerary of the first two legs of the tour, including the dates in North America.

US fans should also be ready for a surprising - and for some also shocking - news, as in a certain very important market Madonna will not perform in a certain Garden anymore, but will rock a Stadium audience instead.

Are you ready for the Madonna World Tour?


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