Sunday, January 22, 2012

Katy Perry Readying Re-Release of Teenage Dream

If you haven’t had enough of Katy Perry over the past year and a half, well you’re in luck! She’s ready to do a complete re-release of one of the biggest pop albums of all time. Five number one singles (with a sixth still in the works), Katy is prepping a re-release for sometime in 2012. When will it be released? And what’s going to make this album special?
Set to hit stores on March 13th, the retooled album titled Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection- will include new tracks. And while the name of the cuts are presently unconfirmed, "Dressing Up" and "Part Of Me" – two new Perry tracks which recently “surfaced” – have been wiped off Youtube in their entirety.

Does that mean something extra special? Probably. But maybe not! We heard later last year that her producer from Teenage Dream and Katy herself hit the studio for something new, but he never actually confirmed what it was! Well this just might be it!

Are you feeling new Katy Perry material? Or do you think she’s taking this whole thing to a completely new level of “milking it”. I can’t deny it. I think she is, BUT I love myself some Kitty Purry, and it’ll give her some time to get over this whole divorce with Russell Brand before she comes out with another brand NEW album sometime in the future.


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